5401 Waters Avenue - Savannah, GA  31404
Company, Inc.

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In addition to being the owner of Savannah Framing Company, Greg McGinty is the proud and busy father to eight beautiful children with his wife, Leslie. If ever you wonder why the shop only has Monday through Friday hours of operation, here's the answer.  
Each of the McGinty children have been homeschooled for a period of time before entering conventional learning institutions. Many of the same core values that are being instilled in the McGinty household, you'll also find modeled at Savannah Framing Company:
  • a diligent work ethic 
  • a trustworthy character
  • an awareness that service to others is vital 
  • a Christ-centered love for all

With the McGinty clan, there are always wonderful stories to share and memories being made.  You won't have to ask how each of them are doing, as they are sure to be included in conversation while discussing your custom framing needs.  Please be aware this could extend your shopping time with us, but it's certain to brighten your day.  

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